Teranino // Distillery Aura

Aura Teranino is a ruby red wine liqueur with violet reflexes that refer to the liveliness of the base wine Terrano. Combined with the excellent fruit brandy of the house, a wonderful drop awaits you, which invites you to linger on long summer evenings, but also on cosy winter evenings.

In the Aura Teranino red wine liqueur numerous aromas intertwine to a wonderful composition. The combination of fine Teran wine and noble fruit brandy can be perfectly mixed with other beverages. The fruit brandy is prepared from 10 different herbs – an exquisite experience.

When opening the bulbous bottle you can already hear spicy notes of cinnamon and cloves. This liqueur has a lot to offer in terms of taste, starting with sweet spicy nuances up to elegant facets. Let yourself be seduced by its long finish, which is marked by rich postage and sherry wine notes.