Gin karbun // Distillery Aura

Aura Gin Karbun: a Croatian Gin with Links to – Coal!

The idea of this gin came from the strength of the last karbunari and the old tradition of producing coal (karbun) on the slopes of Ćićarija, where berries of klek are picked, the main aroma component of every gin.

There are many specifics of this gin, but what is most interesting is that this gin passes through active charcoal filtration during distillation. The procedure is of extreme importance as active charcoal takes away toxins, especially efficient in purifying distillate from pesticides and heavy metals. Also, the gin is served with pieces of specially prepared active charcoal, which is also edible. The entire experience of this gin is supported by the terracotta bottle, also a link to the old way of production of coal in karbunice covered with earth. To place a final touch on this product, to complete the circle in a way, even the label, logo on the bottle, was originally drawn with charcoal.

Words by Sanja Muzaferija