Agricultural Cooperative Vrbnik winery at Rivica

A delight to photograph such amazing dishes at the Restaurant Rivica, Njivicce, Krk, Croatia. On this occasion a local winery from the island of Krk has been presented – PZ Vrbnik winery with their great selection of wine – Zlatna Vrbnička Žlahtina, Namori, Prošek.

Founded on March 6 in 1904 under the name of the Commercial Trading Company VRBNIK, the 58 members of the then Founding Assembly decided to register the company as a cooperative. This cooperative, along with all the others in the area of the Croatian Littoral and Istria, was founded upon the incentive of Dinko Vitezić, a lawyer, delegate of the Istrian parliament and representative of the Croats from the region of Istria and Kvarner islands to Zadar in the Parliament in Vienna. The cooperative was a socio-economic driving force of life in Vrbnik.

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