The Best discotheque

Web design for The Best discotheque Zagreb One of the biggest discotheques in the Capital city of Croatia, Zagreb wanted to do something new to update their web design and correspondence with their clients and visitors of the discotheque.

The complete design is done in Black and White with gold details to give it that excellence and when you hover over pictures and logos they turn from BW to colour.

The text is all dummy text (lorem ipsum) because this is the final mock-up of the design and is now heading to coordination with the programming team. The last picture shows one of the iterations to the design to make it a bit personalised.

One of the capabilities that is currently still developing is that the design (colour scheme) could change based on day time / night time. See picture for reference. Client: The Best discotheque Zagreb Type: Corporate website Web: Facebook: Services: Web design, Web development, Project management Technology: HTML, CSS, JS, UI, UX hren | plethora of creativity Behace portfolio: