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Striving for creativeness in whatever it be a line of code, a single pixel block or a complete web site, photograph, graphic design or data analytics… To us every single details counts.


Being this a space to write something personal but then again to showcase our dedication towards business, towards projects and most of all to our clients, it really isn’t easy.

Looking back on the years that have passed and all the encounters that we had being personal or professional, they all have shaped our approach to projects, clients, family and friends.

For that I believe that the number of projects that have been done and the number of loyal clients that are still here is a testimony of the commitment towards the creative process that we both respect. My name is Dejan Hren.

A bit statistics… done well over 90 projects so far, domestic and foreign; held digital marketing classes at universities; read two to three books a month on creativity and design process; been active in start-up community; etc


Creative Design 0 %

Photography 0 %

Web Development 0 %

Data analytics 0 %

Branding 0 %

Marketing 0 %




The approach towards work that he does and the consultations on to how to approach digitally to our clients for the restaurant has been rewarding. The digital strategy that was developed has shown results in less than a months time apart from graphics and photography that was included.
Vinko Marinkovic / Restaurant Vagabundo
He has been with us for nearly 7 years now and we are still seeing the evolvement in his creativity and the ability to find the true emotions in people. He is the one that shows the world the emotions in our events and in our clubs. as it is written in his brochure “where low light turns into bright light”.
Melisa Mel / Fetch The Vibe
Met for dinner to see about our new Web page and agreed in literally minutes. He came back with design directions, did the coding and we were up and running in no time. We trusted him with building up our social media platform were his approach to clients through digital media was amazing and still is.
Dražen Lesica / Restaurant Rivica
You can set your clock by him. His punctuality in unbelievable and one of the most reliable person we know here at “house music. your music.” project. Always giving that 110 percent and doing great and fast graphic design with attention to detail… now that is creativity!
D and G with Eric Destler / house music. your music.









“There is something to his creativity and the smile when new tasks are presented to him. Always positive.”