Pinguentumlapse :: Buzet Valley View
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New series of short time-lapse videos “Pinguentumlapse” of a magnificent small town Buzet and its surroundings.

In this episode 002 “Buzet Valley View” of Pinguentumlapse series the theme is the valley view of this small town. The time-lapse is shot in the day just before the sunset with motion pan/tilt and done in 4K resolution.

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Buzet lies in the very heart of the northern part of Croatian Istria. It covers an area of 165 km2, with about 6,000 inhabitants.The old town of Buzet is situated on a 150-meter-high hill overlooking the fertile Mirna river valley, whereas the new part of the town called Fontana, spreads at the foot of the hill. Buzet is also known as the “City of Truffles” since it is situated in an area rich in this highly prized underground fungus.

Production: © hren | plethora of creativity
Music: CosmicQ – Journey

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